Police continue searching for clues after Hondo teen stabs parents

Father remains hospitalized with stab wounds to stomach, Mother released from treatment

HONDO, Texas – Hondo police continue looking for a motive for why a 14-year-old brutally stabbed his parents before taking his own life last weekend.

Police say the investigation is ongoing, but so far there’s no clear motive on what led a teenager to stab his parents.

The incident happened on Sunday around 5 p.m. in the family’s home at the Tuscany Apartments.

Hondo Police Chief Justin Soza says they were called to the local hospital after the couple drove themselves there. HPD says the 58-year-old man is still hospitalized from stab wounds to his stomach and his 51-year-old wife has since been released after her treatment for injuries to her face and back.

“We’ve had no history with the family other than a traffic stop in 2016, no calls of service to the house, and no interaction with the child,” Soza said.

The parents told police the child didn’t say anything when he attacked them. The teen was later found in the home with a self-inflicted gunshot wound.

Soza says the search for answers on social media, friends, or in the teen’s room had led to no clear motive.

“There were no red flags, no suicide outcry, no prescriptions for any type of psychotropic medication, there was no psychology visit, there was never any need for any of those things,” Soza explains.

Soza added that the incident is taking a mental toll on the community. Hondo ISD is even offering counseling to the students and staff.

Mary Beth Fisk with The Ecumenical Center says that sometimes there might not be warning signs when tragedy occurs.

“We know that one in four adults and one in four children suffer from some type of a mental or emotional illness,” she said.

Fisk encourages families to spend time together to talk. “As [children’s] brains are developing over the course of their teenage years and even into their early twenties. It’s important to have a balanced adult who can be aware of what’s happening and can help to consult and get them help as much as needed.”

There are 40 locations in Central and South Texas where families can get services, which are also available online.

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