Silver Dancers fans sign petition to save team after Spurs confirm it will eliminate squad

Team disbanded reportedly due to 'lack of fan interest'

By Mariah Medina - Digital Journalist

SAN ANTONIO - More than 1,400 fans have signed a petition to save the Spurs Silver Dancers after Spurs Sports and Entertainment, the parent company of the San Antonio Spurs, announced the team would be discontinued after this season.

SSE officials confirmed that the team would be replaced by a coed hype squad that has yet to be named.

The Silver Dancers have been the Spurs' official dance team for 26 years.

According to ESPN San Antonio's Jason Minnix, the team is being discontinued due to lack of fan interest.

On Sunday, KSAT 12's Instant Replay asked viewers whether they agreed with the team being eliminated and 79 percent of the 1,706 respondents said they did not agree.

Martin Alvarez, the creator of the petition, wrote that SSE's decision is a "huge setback for both the Spurs and their fan base."

"The Silver Dancers have kept Spurs fans proud of their team for 26 years. Unfortunately Spurs Sports & Entertainment has decided to disband our Silver Dancers for a 'co-ed hype team,'" Alvarez wrote. "The Spurs already have Team Energy and the Silver Dancers. Many fans, including myself, have already took to Twitter that this is a huge setback for both the Spurs and their fan base.

"Thousands of young girls’ dreams of becoming a Silver Dancer have been crushed. If you want your voice heard by Spurs Sports & Entertainment, please sign this petition to keep the Silver Dancers and prove that they are definitely not “lacking fan interest.”


As of Monday night, the petition had more than 1,400 signatures.

Alvarez is aiming to get more signatures than the seating capacity of AT&T Center where the Spurs play, which is 18,581, according to ESPN.

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