WATCH: Woman drives over graves at Texas cemetery during flyover to avoid traffic

Report: Onlookers yelled at driver to stop, one woman tried to jump in front of SUV

HOUSTON – A woman was caught on camera driving over multiple graves at a cemetery in Houston as people gathered to view a World War II commemoration.

Police said the woman, who was driving a red Dodge SUV, was trying to avoid traffic at Houston’s National Cemetery, according to KPRC, KSAT’s sister station in Houston.

KPRC reports people were at the cemetery to watch the Lone Star Flight Museum’s “Fight to the Finish” flyover on Sunday. The flyover commemorated the 75th anniversary of the end of World War II in Europe.

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After the flyover, witnesses said the woman was in a rush to leave and nearly ran over a family who was paying respects to their grandparents, according to KPRC.

Amanda Hill was at the cemetery and posted on Twitter: “My heart is broken for the veterans whose headstones this woman ran over today.”

“She almost ran over my grandmother and grandfather’s (who was a first lieutenant during WWII) gravesite/headstone," she added.

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ABC 13 in Houston said onlookers yelled at the driver to stop, and one woman attempted to stand in front of the SUV to prevent her from going further.

That woman had to jump out of the way out of fear she would be hit.

The driver has not been identified and it is unclear if she is facing criminal charges, according to media reports.

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