What you need to know about NEISD's clear backpack policy

Clear backpack policy in effect for most NEISD students

By Mary Claire Patton - Digital Content Curator

SAN ANTONIO - North East Independent School District will require all middle school and high school students to use clear backpacks starting in the fall.

Elementary school students will be exempt from this policy and are still allowed to use traditional backpacks.

Just because a backpack is clear, doesn’t mean it’s allowed at school.

To clear up the confusion, here are things you need to know ahead of the school year:

Which students are required to use clear backpacks?
Any student in grades 6-12 will be required to use a clear backpack.

Are mesh backpacks allowed?
No, students are allowed to use clear backpacks only.

Can backpacks have mesh pockets?
Yes, mesh side pockets are allowed on clear backpacks.

Are transparent colored backpacks allowed?
No, colored backpacks aren’t allowed even if they’re see-through. Only fully clear backpacks.

Are stripes allowed to be on clear backpacks?
No, stripes in any location are not allowed on backpacks.

Can clear backpacks have colored straps?
Yes, colored straps are allowed.

Are company trademarked logos allowed on the front of the backpack?
Large logos that obstruct the backpack are not allowed but small logos are allowed.

Will athletic bags and instrument cases be allowed on campus even though they’re not clear?
Yes but these bags must be stored as soon as the student arrives at school. Athletic bags and instrument cases must be placed in lockers, art classrooms or athletic locker rooms.

What size do clear backpacks have to be?
There is no size specification for backpacks.

To view photo examples of what is allowed and not allowed regarding clear backpacks, click here.

Clear backpacks, random searches, 'buzz-in' system part of NEISD's new security measures

Every middle school and high school student in NEISD will be required to follow these guidelines for backpacks at the beginning of the fall 2018-2019 school year.

NEISD will provide clear backpacks to parents who can't afford to purchase one.

In addition to the clear bag policy, NEISD students will be subject to random searches with hand-held metal-detecting wands.

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