Video shows woman defecate on restaurant floor, throw feces at employee

Woman detained for incident at Tim Horton's restaurant in Canada

By RJ Marquez - Digital Content Curator

(Image via LiveLeak)

LANGLEY, British Columbia - Disturbing surveillance video of a woman defecating on the floor of a Canadian restaurant and flinging her excrement at an employee has circulated across the internet.

The incident occurred Monday at a Tim Horton’s restaurant in Langley, British Columbia.

The woman reportedly became upset because she was not allowed to use the restroom.

She is seen arguing with the employee before pulling her pants down and defecating.

Video shows her throw the excrement at the employee and grab some napkins to wipe herself. She threw the napkins at the employee as well.


A spokesperson for Tim Horton’s spoke to Global News and said the company is “deeply concerned by this video as the safety of their team members and guests is always a top priority for them.” 

“In limited cases across the country, restaurants have a restricted access policy for restrooms to ensure the well-being of our guests,” the spokesperson told Global News.

“Our current understanding is that the team member used their discretion in this case and denied access to this guest based on past behaviour and out of concern for the immediate safety of team members and guests in the restaurant. As matters escalated, the team member contacted local authorities for assistance.”

Tim Horton's added guests are not required to make a purchase to use the restroom. However, in some cases, restaurants may have a buzzer or key entry for restrooms.

The woman was detained by police and later released. Global New reported she will appear in court at a later date.

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