Iconic San Antonio Tex-Mex joint puts a healthy spin on puffy tacos and more

David Elder takes you to La Fiesta Patio Cafe

SAN ANTONIO – La Fiesta Patio Cafe is home to some of the best puffy tacos in San Antonio.

Since 1974, owner Patricia Diaz has been creating her Tex-Mex food with a healthy flair.

"I just thought one day, "how come you can't use brown rice to make Mexican rice?" It turned out pretty good," said Diaz.

The kitchen cranks out everything from scratch daily; including their popular chicken tortilla soup.

Hot chicken stock mixes with blended garlic, cilantro, Serrano peppers, and shredded chicken.

Once it comes to a boil, tomatoes, onions and more shredded chicken are added to the pot.

It’s served with a scoop of their fresh guacamole, cheese and tomatoes.

My favorite item on their menu is their puffy tacos.

The tortillas are made fresh daily and fried in 100% canola oil.

Once cooled, the shells are stuffed with your choice of beef, chicken, guacamole or tofu.

If you love enchiladas, you gotta try their chili sauce and cheese enchiladas.

Chili sauce covers two cheese-stuffed enchiladas with melted cheese added on top.

The delicious food, healthy options and the helpful staff make this iconic San Antonio restaurant one you need to try.

For more information on La Fiesta Patio Café, just head to their website.

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