These massive cinnamon rolls are a San Marcos treasure

Check out the tasty treats at Centerpoint Station

SAN ANTONIO – There’s your typical small-town diner; then there are places like Centerpoint Station in San Marcos, Texas.

People travel from all over South Texas to try their new spins on old classics - like their monster cinnamon rolls.

The dough for the rolls gets made fresh every morning.

After being rolled out - the dough is brushed with egg wash and covered in cinnamon and sugar.

It’s then cut, rolled and put in the proofer for 1 hour to rise.

What comes out of the oven is a work of art.

The large rolls get covered in house-made icing similar to donut icing just thicker.

The massive rolls are fantastic, especially the soft, warm center.

But the cinnamon rolls are just one part of Centerpoint’s sweet creations.

The kitchen kicks out killer country breakfasts with cinnamon roll loaf french toast and a classic take on chicken and waffles.

What’s better than fudge? How about fresh hot fudge.

Centerpoint has a variety of fudge flavors including an option for people with diabetes.

The diner has freshly made kolaches, regular sized cinnamon rolls and traditional country breakfast options perfect for a quick bite.

The store is also a boutique that sells old signs, knick knacks and just about everything else.

The restaurant has a fantastic menu. I know I’ll be back soon with a look at their famous burgers and onion rings.

For more information on the store and restaurant, just head to their Facebook page.

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