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Most patients complete injury resolution in average of only 3.2 visits

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SAN ANTONIO – Football season is here and that means the pain of sports injuries could be on the horizon for student-athletes. 

Airrosti’s safe, noninvasive treatment helps patients rapidly recover from injuries or nagging pain that can keep you from doing what you love.  

The staff at Airrosti even helps players on professional and college sports teams overcome their injuries.

 Teams using Airrosti's services include the Dallas Cowboys, Houston Rockets and the University of Texas at Austin.

Patients at Airrosti experience exceptional outcomes with treatment consistently demonstrated to be highly effective and efficient at alleviating their pain.

"Over the summer they (kids) probably aren't sleeping well, not getting a lot of rest. It's really hot outside so they are super dehydrated. They aren't conditioned very well, and if you combine that with coaches trying to get them in shape as quickly as possible doing two-a-days, it's a recipe for muscle pulls, hamstring pulls, groin pulls or low back strains." 

- Dr. Jason Garrett, vice president of clinical development at Airrosti

Quality care at Airrosti

  • (3.2 visits) | Most patients report complete injury resolution in an average of only 3.2 visits
  • (1 hour) | Each visit consists of one hour of one-on-one targeted manual therapy
  • (99%) | 99% of patients would recommend Airrosti to family and friends

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