TikTok video keeps local shop poppin’ with orders

Popcorn Friday uses family bond to continue serving the Texas Hill Country

SAN ANTONIO – The Scrubb family works together, under one roof, to run their business, Popcorn Friday, in Spring Branch, TX.

“After transitioning out of the military, we said goodbye to a huge community and a family of other service members," Priscilla Scrubb, co-owner, said. "This business gave us the opportunity to move this area. We were able to get a new community and meet so many wonderful people here.”

Inside, they’re whipping up tons of recipes courtesy of mom (Priscilla Scrubb).

“She’s been cooking since she was 12, so she has all kinds of ideas,” Daniel Scrubb, co-owner & husband, said.

Over the past few weeks, online orders have soared, thanks to their daughter, Natalie Scrubb, and her TikTok video.

“I told people what we are doing during this really hard time; we are taking extensive measures to keep our hands clean," Natalie said. "I was just trying to get the word out, locally, but then other people started looking at it and I realized ‘oh my gosh’ we have people watching from Australia.”

The video reached 1.5 million views and that’s when the online orders came in--from all over the country.

“We had an increase in sales in the thousand percents,” Daniel said.

Good news for this small business as all shops have been forced to adjust during the Covid-19 pandemic. They pull strength from their military roots. Daniel Scrubb is a retired Marine.

“One of the things as a Marine Corp. wife I’ve come to learn, is to adapt and overcome,” Priscilla said.

They are continuing to get creative with their flavors including: “Tiger King-inspired” peach cobbler with chocolate drizzle, lemon cheesecake, dill, salt & vinegar and many more rotating flavors.

“All my other veteran friends have gun shops and they’re in law enforcement, so it’s weird, the contrast, a Marine owning a popcorn shop," Daniel said. "But we’re doing it as a family ...we’re teaching our children about business.”

The shop is located at 17080 TX-46 in Spring Branch.

If you mention SALIVE15 for your next purchase at Popcorn Friday, you’ll receive 15% off the entire order. Click here to go to their website.