Gourmet food + craft cocktails at this 1920s industrial-themed bar in Boerne

Richter Tavern the second-oldest bar in Texas

SAN ANTONIOUPDATE: Richter Tavern has been donating meals to the Kendall County Women’s Shelter. You can help give back during the Stand Up-Don’t Show Up event through September 30.

Cheeseburgers, pork chops and shrimp tacos are just a few of the customer favorites at this new business, located off 153 Main Street in Boerne.

“We’ve still managed to secure some fantastic meal items,” Guy Sanders, co-owner of Richter Tavern, said. " We make our own bacon, I mean you can’t go wrong with that."

All the tables are set up six feet apart and all staff members wear masks while serving their patrons.

According to the tavern’s website, Arno Richter was a visionary at the turn of the 20th century. Richter embraced the changes in Boerne from horse and buggy to the automobile, resulting in the first “modern” garage on Main Street.

Richter Tavern has been transformed into a Boerne hot spot for shopping, entertainment and now plenty of curbside options. Click here for the full menu.

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