Keep the kids happy and healthy on your next road trip

Adeina Anderson is back to give us some great ways to keep the kids engaged and having fun on your next family road trip.

Keep the kids entertained on the next road trip | SA Live | KSAT
Keep the kids entertained on the next road trip | SA Live | KSAT

San Antonio – Adeina Anderson of “Creative Lifestyles with Adeina” has some great ideas to make your next road trip with the kids complaint free, all while staying safe.

The first idea is for car ride entertainment that doesn’t involve your child’s nose in a screen the entire time. Adeina created an on-the-go fishing game that only involves some yarn, a popsicle stick, a few magnets and a baking tray to make. The same tray can also be used for dry erase markers or even a magnetic tic tac toe game, leaving the kids entertained for hours.

The next common complaint is for food on a long car ride, so Adeina turned a tackle box into a snack storage unit as a way to provide and display a variety of snacks while also managing portions.

Finally, for safety on the road during these times Adeina recommends Nozin nasal sanitizer antiseptic which is like hand sanitizer for your nose that lasts for up to 12 hours, but also smells great.

For more recommendations and ideas from Adeina Anderson head over to her website “Creative Lifestyles with Adeina”.