Find great discounts this Labor Day weekend with The Deal Guy

Save a bunch of money, but also be wary of scams

San Antonio – Here’s how you can find the best deals this Labor Day weekend! But buyer beware - with everyone eager to shop and save money, there are also a few things to watch out for.

The Deal Guy, Matt Granite, warns of stores trying to lure potential buyers with big discounts on items that don’t apply to what most are looking for when they think of Labor Day, then give smaller discounts - or none at all - on those Labor Day items.

Granite also warns of potential scams with online shopping, where websites are created to look exactly like big retailer sites to mine for your info. The way to best avoid this: don’t click on any ad you might see in an email or on Facebook and just type the website into the search bar, instead, to ensure you are at a reputable site.

As far as good deals go, Granite says it is a great time to buy any school supplies you may still be needing because all of the back-to-school items are now on clearance. Laptops are also are selling for prices comparable to those you would find on Black Friday or Cyber Monday.

Finally, hot items Granite says you should be buying this Labor Day are sanitizing wipes, specifically those with 75% alcohol sanitizing composition.

Find wipes and many other great discounts on The Deal Guy’s website.