Real San Antonian: Marcus Peoples shares children’s book on being biracial

“Proud To Be In Between” is sparking conversations for biracial families

SAN ANTONIO – Marcus Peoples is young and ambitious. Currently, he is in a doctoral program at the University of the Incarnate Word. Growing up, he had all the love and support he needed from his family, yet still, something was missing.

“I noticed there was an identity crisis with my peers,” Peoples said. “Because I listened to a certain type of music or I spoke a certain way.”

Peoples' mother is Hispanic and his father is African American, so he says on a daily basis he feels the “uncertainty from others trying to figure him out.”

“I went through it myself with all these questions,” He said. “Society tried to put me in a box.”

Often times he would go home and ask his parents why he was getting so many questions.

“They did a great job of saying ‘hey our family is one, no matter what you look like on the outside, our family is the same,'" Peoples said.

In his new book, “Proud to Be In Between," he allows the world inside his bubble, his life, his family and even his heart.

“This is real and it started as a poem,” Peoples said.

Through his faith in God and his family’s support, he finally decided to publish his first book.

“And I couldn’t have done this without Gabby Flores (the illustrator),” he said. “She really captured our family.”

You can purchase his children’s book at Feliz Modern, Amazon.com or his website, Proud to be In Between.com.