4 easy Easter crafts + decorations on a budget

Shaving cream eggs, painted plastic eggs, Mason jar ‘baskets’ + bunny clay pot

SAN ANTONIO – These Easter crafts and decorations are super simple to make and they only cost a few bucks each.

Master crafter Adeina Anderson, of Creative Lifestyles with Adeina, shows us how to DIY some Easter fun in the video above. She has tips for each craft below.

1. Shaving cream eggs - Just hard boil some eggs, put some shaving cream on a paper plate, sprinkle the shaving cream with food dye and roll your eggs around in the mixture. Wash off the eggs or dry them with a paper towel and you’ll have interesting, cloudy colors for your Easter egg hunt!

2. Painted plastic eggs - You can find dozen of these plastic eggs for just a dollar or two at your neighborhood dollar store. Just add some acrylic paint and you’ll have beautifully decorated Easter eggs you can fill with candy and keep for years to come.

3. Mason jar “baskets” - Grocery stores and craft stores carry the Mason jars. Just find one that’s about 32 ounces, decorate it with acrylic paint and fill it with candy, Easter eggs, basket filler, flowers or whatever you feel like. It’s a great, reusable and grown-up alternative to an Easter basket.

4. Bunny clay pot - This is where your crafting skills can really shine. All you need is a small, clay planting pot and a lid, cardboard or a white foam sheet, a permanent marker, google eyes and whatever you want to fill the pot with. Anderson suggests candy or basket filler with Easter eggs. Paint the pot white, draw on a mouth and some whiskers and glue on some google eyes. Cut the cardboard or foam into bunny ear shapes and hot glue them onto the edge of the pot. Fill it up with your filling of choice and put on the lid to close it. This bunny pot also makes a nice planter or centerpiece!

For more crafting ideas from Anderson, visit her website.


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