Champagne problems? 3 uncorking + pouring tips from a pro

Bryan Gonzales, owner of The Board Couple, ‘pops’ secret to pouring perfect flute of sparkling wine

SAN ANTONIO – Champagne shy? No “pop”-lem. Bryan Gonzales, owner of The Board Couple in San Antonio, gives us a lesson on how to properly uncork and pour sparkling wine, right down to the six twists.

1. The cage around the cork should open in six twists. Untwist it, but leave it on!

2. Hold the bottle at a 45° angle, hold the cork and cage, then twist the bottle back and forth gently. The bottle will open without the cork flying across the room.

3. To pour, hold the champagne flute at a 45° angle and slowly pour the sparkling wine. It won’t fizz over the top!

The Board Couple is a local business that specializes in charcuterie boards for delivery. For more information, visit their website. You can also follow them on Instagram.

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