Celebrity Chat: Tristan Riggs from Austin shares more on his scary role in new horror film

The 12-year-old had to dig deep to get into his scary character in “The Seventh Day”

SAN ANTONIO – Taking on the world of acting and show business can be intimidating for anyone, but doing it as a child actor, comes with even more challenges. In “The Seventh Day” actor Tristan Riggs must take on an evil role in this horror film co-starring Guy Pearce.

“This Nicholas Miller is possessed by a demon, so he’s probably not scared about anything and he feels in control and powerful,” actor Tristan Riggs said. “Another thing, I practiced all my lines in different ways.”

Riggs is a Texas native and he says his biggest role models are his parents.

“They work so hard and they help me through my acting,” Riggs said.

You can watch “The Seventh Day” right now on any streaming service. Click here to watch the trailer. You can keep up with Tristan Riggs on Instagram to follow his movie adventures.

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