Author Spotlight: Ellen Marie Bennett

Her new book, “Dream First, Details Later,” shares her journey leading to multimillion dollar business, Hedley & Bennett

Ellen Marie Bennett is founder of Hedley & Bennett apron company, but her journey wasn't an easy road. Bennett shares more about her mindset to become a successful entrepreneur.

SAN ANTONIO – If you’ve ever felt that urge to follow a dream that has been put on the back burner, this book if for you. Ellen Marie Bennett is founder and CEO of Hedley & Bennett, an apron and kitchen gear company that makes products used by many of the world’s best chefs and by home cooks everywhere.

“When I first started Hedley and Bennett 8 years ago, there was nothing out there that was colorful and honest and real about the actual journey of starting a business from nothing,” Bennett said.

The book is filled with color, but it doesn’t hold back on the reality of the struggles and challenges of starting a business.

One story Bennett shares is how she volunteered to make aprons while working as a line cook, claiming she had an apron business when, in fact, she did not.

“I did not have sewers or a team or anything I just had enough experiences in my life where I had shown up and actually made it to the other side and I felt like I could do this,” Bennett said. “There’s a section in the book where I talk about my confidence belt and in life we all have scary things that we’ve done, where we show up we do it anyway and then we make it to the other side...and you’re that much more confident.”

You can purchase “Dream First, Details Later” by clicking here. For more on Ellen Marie Bennett, follow her on her Instagram page.

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