Homemade French lavender cookies for Mother’s Day

Learn this easy recipe with cookbook mom and daughter authors, “The Food Nannies”

Jen Tobias-Struski tries the French lavender cookie recipe from cookbook author Lizi Heaps

SAN ANTONIO – Coming from a family of seven siblings, Lizi Heaps is all about dinner time.

“This was when we all came together for meals and it was so much fun,” Heaps said.

The Author of “For the Love of Kamut” is following in her mother’s footsteps now, helping with recipes from breakfast biscuits to lavender cookies, inspired by France.

“My mom actually started the Food Nanny years ago and she even had her own show,” Heaps said.

Heaps, a mother of four, is now sharing recipes on her Instagram and her Kamut starter kit is all about helping you feel inspired to cook more with Kamut flour. If you’re wondering what Kamut flour is, here’s the breakdown from TheFoodNanny.com:

Kamut is the Ancient Egyptian word for wheat. Kamut® wheat has escaped the genetic engineering of modern wheat and traces its pure pedigree back to only 36 grains. These 36 grains of wheat were reported to have been recovered from an Egyptian burial chamber, thus creating the nickname, King Tut’s Wheat.

In 1949 those grains were sent back to a farmer near Fort Benton, Montana, who cultivated those grains.

That farmer’s humble beginning slowly grew into today’s Kamut® brand. KAMUT® IS THE ONLY BRAND THAT GUARANTEES THE PRESERVATION OF THIS ANCIENT STRAIN OF WHEAT.

Lizi and her mother also share meal plan blogs on her website and you can often follow along, on her Instagram @thefoodnanny.

Click here for the full French lavender cookie recipe.

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