With back to school and fall on the horizon, are you prepared for illnesses within your family?

Group provides coverage for expectant mothers, families, children with special needs

Community First provides health coverage for all stages of life through multiple government programs. These include CHIP, Childcare's Medicaid, Medicare and STAR Kids. Most of these programs are at no-cost or low cost to families.

Kids will be heading back to school soon, and the fall allergy, cold and flu season won’t be far behind, but there are health care options with Medicaid to ensure that families will be taken care of.

Victoria Martinez, a public relations specialist with Community First Health Plans, explained the benefits of Medicaid coverage.

What are some of the services that Medicaid covers that can help with fall illnesses?

“Medicaid covers a variety of preventative services that can help keep your family safe and healthy this fall season, including visits with your primary care doctor, immunizations, well-child visits, prescription drug coverage, prenatal care and even hospital stays,” said Martinez.

Is the flu shot covered, as well?

“Yes, the flu shot is a benefit that’s covered at no additional cost for Community First members,” Martinez said. “And we really want to make sure that we’re helping our community have the opportunity to avoid getting the flu this year, especially with the COVID cases rising right now. Getting your flu shot is a great way to avoid future illnesses and hospitalizations.”

A lot of parents may be working during doctor’s office hours. Are there any other resources that are available for families outside of those hours?

“Yes, we do have multiple urgent care clinics located throughout our service areas, and they’re able to provide care and treatment to any families that are unable to see their primary care doctor,” said Martinez. “We also have our 24-hour nurse advice line that is available for all Community First members 24 hours a day, seven days a week. They’re able to provide advice (and) resources for anybody (who) might feel ill (or) is unsure if they should see a doctor.”

What are some ways for the community to stay healthy this fall?

“The best way and the easiest way to stay healthy this fall is to wash your hands with soap and water,” Martinez said. “If there isn’t soap and water available, make sure to wash your hands with sanitizer, and then wash them in a sink as soon as one comes available.”

For more than 25 years, Community First Health Plans has been providing affordable health coverage for families, children, expectant mothers and children with special needs in Bexar County.

The multiple government programs that benefit from Community First include CHIP, Childcare’s Medicaid, Medicare and STAR Kids. Most of these programs are at no cost or low cost to families.

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