What are you looking for in a school district? These 5 unique things are examples that stand out

Getting your children enrolled early is a nice perk

Parents, do you need to enroll your child in school for the 2021-22 school year?

Parents, do you need to enroll your child in school for the 2021-22 school year?

Perhaps you should weigh the benefits of each school district in your area.

Here are five perks we wish every school district offered its students.

1. Starting kids at 6 months.

Having kids get their education in early -- yes, even as babies -- can help them get socialized and better prepared for being in a classroom setting once Pre-K comes along.

2. Scholarship opportunities.

Take advantage of schools that offer scholarships for every graduating senior. Now is the time to save every penny toward that college tuition.

3. AP classes.

If your child is interested in receiving college credit in high school, look for schools that offer dual credit and Advanced Placement classes.

4. Softball and baseball at the middle-school level.

Although it’s rare to find in San Antonio, there is one school district that offers softball and baseball in middle school. Having this advantage at a young age can definitely help students wanting to play on varsity teams in high school.

5. Dual-language education.

Do you want your child to be bilingual? Students that are bilingual have an increased level of cognitive capacity and critical thinking skills, which helps for both college application requirements and job opportunities, according to Harlandale ISD.

If you are looking for a school for your kids, Harlandale ISD offers early education starting at 6 months old, all the way to high school and college prep. There is also support for students who require special education after high school.

The district offers a program in which students can receive an associate’s degree at its Stem Early College High School, and provides scholarships for every graduating senior through the Harlandale Education Foundation.

For students seeking college credit, dual credit and advanced placement classes are available.

“At Harlandale, we offer many Career and Technical Education courses, and are the only district in San Antonio that has softball and baseball at the middle school level,” said Ronnie Cantu, academic curriculum director for Harlandale ISD. “We have dual language programs, wonderful fine arts programs, open enrollment and a great place to work for. We are a family working together. Harlandale ISD is full of diversity and culture.”

To learn more about Harlandale ISD, click here.