San Antonio’s first non-alcoholic bar + vegan eatery on the south side

Hash Vegan Eats is giving back to the community as a “safe place” for sobriety and clean eating

Hash Vegan Eats is located at 5007 S. Flores Street in San Antonio.

Vegan carne guisada, fish tacos, and alcohol-free margaritas--that’s what you’ll find at Hash Vegan Eats. They are located off 5007 S. Flores Street in San Antonio, where Folklores used to call home.

Michael and Rogelio Sanchez are using their sobriety and vegan lifestyle as the inspiration behind this concept. Hash is an acronym for “Heal and spread healing.”

“We really wanted to bring it to the South side,” Rogelio Sanchez said. “If we were going to open up a business, we would want to open a business that is beneficial to the community.”

“Had a place like this existed in my early sobriety it would have been a lot easier, having a safe place,” Michael said.

“Our goal is to be able to that mirror so they can see young Hispanic people just like them can eat plants and not be weirdos and can live a life without getting drunk every day,” Rogelio said.

The Sanchez brothers lost their mother to liver complications after suffering with alcoholism, so the pair is hoping they can provide this non-alcoholic bar as a safe place for the sober community and also to offer their San Antonio twists on their vegan dishes.

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