5 things you didn’t know about Patrick Mahomes (that make him so normal)

Patrick Mahomes of the Kansas City Chiefs celebrates in the fourth quarter against the Buffalo Bills during the AFC Championship game at Arrowhead Stadium on Jan. 24, 2021 in Kansas City, Missouri. (Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images)

By now, surely you’ve heard of quarterback Patrick Mahomes, who, last February, rallied his team to a come-from-behind Super Bowl win to earn Kansas City’s first title in 50 years -- and all at the age of 24. We’ll go on shortly.

Mahomes is getting ready to lead the Chiefs into the Super Bowl for the second consecutive year -- and we should mention -- he’s the youngest quarterback in NFL history to do so, according to SportingNews.

It’s no mystery that Mahomes has been pegged as a superstar (and the next up-and-coming iconic quarterback), and because of that, people everywhere have fallen in love with him (here’s looking at you, Mahomies).

But you might know this already -- especially if you’re a sports fan. It’s what you probably don’t know about Mahomes that will really make you fall in love with the guy.

Here are five reasons (but let’s be clear, there are more):

1. He loves ketchup (particularly the fancy Whataburger kind).

Yes, Mahomes loves ketchup. He loves it on his steaks and his mac n’ cheese. He hasn’t been shy about it. And who are we to judge?

In particular, he loves fancy ketchup from the Texas fast-food chain Whataburger. He’s even tweeted in the past that he wants the restaurant to bring a location to Kansas City. Sounds like it worked. It was confirmed in October there would be two stores opening in the area.

2. He threw a football out of the Chiefs stadium.

Seriously. Mahomes stood on the Arrowhead Stadium field inside the arena, pulled back and launched that ball right out of there. How could anyone not think that is awesome? Check out this video.

3. He collects shoes.

To say he collects shoes might be a bit of an understatement. In a video Mahomes posted in 2019, he revealed a custom built closet that was made just for his 180 pairs.

“I can wear each of them, like, twice a year,” Mahomes says in the video.

Seems like a modest infatuation for an NFL MVP. 👟

4. He’s still with his childhood sweetheart.

This might be our favorite, so we’ll fill you in on a little bit of this story. Mahomes and his fiancee, Brittany Matthews, began dating while attending Whitehouse High School in Whitehouse, Texas.

Check out these adorable pictures of them at prom in 2013.

Matthews, who graduated high school in 2013, went to University of Texas at Tyler to play college soccer. After graduating in 2014, Mahomes set up shop about 440 miles away from Matthews at Texas Tech University to play college football and baseball.

The lovebirds stayed together through college, and even as Mahomes was being drafted by the Chiefs and Matthews went to Iceland to play professional soccer.

You’ve likely caught wind of the successes Mahomes has had, but Matthews has also moved to Kansas City with him and has become a successful fitness trainer.

The two live in a home in Kansas City now and appear to be loving life. The couple made two exciting announcements last year: They would be getting married and are now expecting a baby in 2021 -- and they even shared a video of the gender reveal (below).

5. He has a great sense of humor.

Have you seen any commercials Mahomes has starred in? They’re just hilarious. We can’t help but assume he must be a fun guy to hang out with.

Are you a Patrick Mahomes fan? Why do you love him? Tell us in the comment section below.

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