Renovated VIA bus stop comes with Wi-Fi, bicycle parking and repair area

Five Points Transfer now open to riders

SAN ANTONIO – VIA officials celebrated a newly renovated area Tuesday that will provide comfort and accessibility at the service station for passengers.

The transit company said the Five Points Transfer Area is a milestone development for their ongoing investment to enhance passenger amenities.

The area is marked by an illuminated, 18-foot branded beacon and features next-generation shelters and a bicycle parking and repair station.

It also includes digital bus arrival information, free Wi-Fi and natural and native shade and landscaping.

"We believe we've now provided not just an asset to the customers, but an asset to the community,” president and CEO Jeffrey Arndt said. “This really is kind of a gateway to several communities in the area, and we think it speaks to the renaissance of this area."    

The project will better serve the 1,000 passengers who board its six west and northbound routes there daily.

A ceramic sculpture by San Antonio artist Diana Kersey provides an eye-catching landmark for the neighborhood gateway.