Climate Minute: Longer summers by the next century?

Warm seasons could get longer, colder seasons shorter

SAN ANTONIO – If there’s something we know a lot about here in South Texas, it’s summertime heat. But what if our summers were even longer than they are now?

A recent study from the AGU - American Geophysical Union - suggests that summerlike weather conditions could last for nearly six months out of the year by the start of the next century.

The peer-reviewed study looked at daily mean observed temperature over the northern hemisphere over a 52 years. Over that time, the number of days with summerlike weather increased from 78 to 95.

The concern is that climate change could result in an even larger increase in summerlike weather by the end of this century - potentially resulting in a summer season that lasts for nearly half a calendar year.

Watch the video above from KSAT Meteorologist Kaiti Blake to learn more about how the seasons could change

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