San Marcos police launch safety campaign for Texas State University students

SAN MARCOS, Texas – From locking doors to being careful with social media posts, San Marcos police are reminding Texas State University students to stay safe.

"We kind of live in a time where we are comfortable with the way we live, and we become complacent with the way we live, and we forget about simple things," said Corp. Laray Taylor, of the San Marcos Police Department.

San Marcos police launched a "Your Safety Starts with You" campaign that urges students to take small steps to avoid risky situations after a string of assaults and sexual assaults at some apartment complexes in May. 

"As police officers, it's our job to serve and protect the community, but we can't be everywhere at one time," Taylor said. "So, what we are trying to do is give them tools, ideas, thoughts and get their mind generated."

Police want students to always think safe, such as keeping their windows locked, knowing your surroundings and watching for signs of dating violence. 

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Officers will be posting signs with safety reminders at local apartment complexes, coffee shops and on social media.

Texas State University senior Shelby Lockler said the assaults took what she feels is a small, tight-knit community by surprise.

"It lasted a couple of days, so I think everybody was kind of on edge about it," Locker said.

Locker said she appreciates the efforts San Marcos police are making to help students feel safe.

"We thought it was really sweet and cool that they are taking time out of their day to come to a local coffee shop, and just give tips and how to make your home safer and the city safer," Lockler said.

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