LIVESTREAM: Bird Nest Egg Watch. They’re hatching!

KSAT 12 photographer Bill Caldera set up livestream of backyard bird nest

SAN ANTONIOUPDATE: KSAT 12 photojournalist Bill Caldera has set up a livestream of a bird’s nest and the eggs have begun to hatch. Click above to view his son’s report on the hatching of the eggs.

To a view a real-time livestream of the bird’s nest, scroll below.


A KSAT 12 photojournalist has set up a livestream of a bird nest that he found in his own backyard.

Photographer Bill Caldera said the birds setup their nest on his patio last week and have since laid five eggs.

To view the livestream, click below.

According to the Cornell Lab of of Ornithology, Carolina wrens are shy birds that can be hard to see, but they deliver an amazing number of decibels for its size.

The website says if you’re lucky you can catch glimpses of this bird’s rich cinnamon plumage, white eyebrow stripe, and long, upward-cocked tail.

And did you know? A pair bond may form between a male and a female at any time of the year, and that the pair will stay together for life. Members of a pair stay together on their territory year-round, and forage and move around the territory together, the website says.

KSAT 12 photographer Bill Caldera set up a livestream of a bird nest he found in his backyard. (KSAT)

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