Fun advent calendars you’ll want to snatch up this holiday season, guaranteed

December is so much better with 25 days of wine, right?

Do you partake in this Christmas tradition? (Pexels.)

Can you believe the holidays are already upon us?

This year was pretty much a bust, but of course, you can still spread some holiday cheer -- and one way to do so is by getting one of these super fun and non-traditional advent calendars.

These calendars -- filled with things like wine, booze, dog treats and cheese -- started gaining popularity in the past couple of years or so, and now it seems like almost every store has its own version for adults and children.

It’s not guaranteed that the store listed below will have these advent calendars in stock, so just note that you may want to call ahead to ensure your local Costco has the products we’re referencing.


Your dog will love this advent calendar. A treat every day of the month? It doesn’t get much better than that.

So, this isn’t a new treat every day of the month, but 12 days of cocoa sounds pretty great, doesn’t it?

Are you a fan of “The Nightmare Before Christmas?" This advent calendar is perfect for anyone who loves to watch the movie during Halloween or Christmas.

Trader Joe’s

Not only does Trader Joe’s have advent calendars for your pup, but also for the kitty cat in your life. It’s salmon and sweet potato treats for the dogs and salmon and dried seaweed treats for the cats.


Aldi is the KING of advent calendars. They seriously have so many different kinds to choose from. Like we said above, your nearest Aldi may not have all of these options, so do some digging to see if they have exactly what you’re looking for. (And we know -- not everyone lives super close to an Aldi. Maybe you have a cousin or friend who might be able to snag you one!)

If you scroll through the Instagram post above, you’ll notice there are advent calendars for kids with Disney and Marvel characters, treats for your dog or cat, a coffee calendar and lots featuring chocolate and other candies.

And for the adults, Aldi has calendars for whatever is your go-to alcoholic beverage: beer, wine and hard seltzers.

The month of December is already pretty magical with the holiday spirit in the air, but these adult advent calendars just make it even better.

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