‘New You’: Connecting physical therapy, training provides unique recovery plan for clients

Lyceum Gym, Revival Performance Physical Therapy are located in same office building on North Side

SAN ANTONIO – Two business owners and health professionals in San Antonio are combining their efforts in more ways than one in order to collaborate on training and treating common patients.

James Roysdon, owner of Lyceum Gym and Lauren Schrank, doctor of physical therapy and co-owner of Revival Performance Physical Therapy are closing the gap of caring for those common clients.

“In the last 10 years, the distance between what was considered physical therapy and considered personal training has narrowed every year,” Roysdon said.

The obvious and easiest way to improve treatments and workouts is to have their respective businesses close to each other. Schrank’s physical therapy facility is on the ground floor of an office building located on Highway 281 while Roysdon’s gym is one floor down in the basement.

“To have this camaraderie [and] this collaboration, I think, is pretty unique and pretty rare,” Schrank said.

“It is the next logical step that, well, we should be working together with no distance between us,” Roysdon said.

The two actually met in the the gym, so the friendship part of the connection was already created before they put their heads together to create this unique recovery plan.

If a patient comes in to get physical therapy treatment but needs a fully equipped gym to get back to 100%, that part of recovery is only a few steps away. If a person has come to work out at the gym but has some chronic pain, they need go no further than upstairs to get checked out.

“I can get recommendations directly from the physical therapist. I can bring them, [ physical therapist] information that has happened during a session,” Roysdon said. ”It is totally unique that way. You have clients that you can send up there or they come down here and you all get together and actually visit with the client.”

One aspect of Revival Performance Physical Therapy that Schrank said sets them apart from other physical therapy facilities is one-on-one treatment.

“You will be with a doctor of physical therapy the whole time. We don’t have any technicians, so that means you get one-on-one care,” Schrank said.

Roysdon’s gym is equipped with the latest equipment, while Roysdon and Schrank provide the latest combination of rehab and training.

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