KSAT Flavor Favs: Ray's Drive Inn

SAN ANTONIO – It's all about tradition and family at Ray's Drive Inn.

The restaurant has been part of the West Side for almost 60 years.

Ray Lopez opened the place in the '50s but later, because of his health, sold it to his younger brother, Arthur Lopez.

Arthur Lopez's children and niece now take care of the place for Ray Lopez and the tradition he started years ago is still upheld today.

First called crispy tacos, Arthur Lopez later renamed them Puffy Tacos, and Ray's Drive Inn is known as being the home of the original Puffy Taco.

Arthur Lopez took the Puffy Taco very serious and would have it trademarked in 1992.

"My dad owns it, he came up with it. It's his trademark," Maria Rambo, Arthur Lopez's daughter, said.

Besides the food at Ray's, when you walk in, you immediately notice all the antiques and memorabilia.

The place is covered with memorabilia and almost resembles a museum.

A 1934 truck even sits in the back of the restaurant.

Next year will mark the 60th anniversary for Ray's Drive Inn, and the Lopez family hopes the place continues to have a lasting legacy and always be known as the home of the Puffy Taco.

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