Man on a mission to eat a taco from more than 900 SA restaurants

"I love tacos," Chris Flores said.

SAN ANTONIO – Chris Flores has grown up eating tacos, and now he's on a mission to eat a taco from every restaurant that sells them in San Antonio.

If you know San Antonio, you will know that won't be an easy feat.

According to Flores, there are 964 businesses that sell tacos. That's a lot of tacos.

This adventure started about three weeks ago, and you can follow along as Flores vlog's about the places he's visiting on his website

Flores said there are three reasons why he started this mission.

First of all, he wants local mom and pops to get noticed and to remain open.

Second, he wants to build a taco-loving community of friends called "Eat Migos."

"Eat Migos is a group of people eating tacos together," Flores said. 

Finally, he wants to get San Antonio noticed as the taco capital of the world.

Flores still has a long way to go. He has only eaten at about 13 places. 

This week Flores added another restaurant to his list, Gilbert's Mexican Restaurant on the west side. 

You can see his vlogs and follow his journey at his website,


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