Wacky Sleep Facts: Bet You Didn't Know That!


Did you know giraffes get less than two hours of sleep a day while most humans need eight hours? These are some more wacky sleep facts you probably haven't heard!

Like most new moms, Angela hasn't had a good night's rest since baby Alma came on the scene.

Angela Gleich told Ivanhoe, "I would probably get four hours here, and four hours there. Then, she wakes up and wants to feed and goes back to sleep."

Gleich isn't alone. Our first wacky sleep fact: The average new parent loses 1,056 hours of sleep the first year of their child's life. That's almost 44 days! But just how important is sleep?

Alon Avidan, MD, Professor of Neurology at UCLA told Ivanhoe, "It is necessary for restoration. It is necessary for repair."

Sleep fact number two: You can go two weeks without food but only 10 days without sleep!

Sleep fact five: Within five minutes of waking, you forget 50-percent of your dream. Within 10 minutes, 90-percent is gone.

And if you think pulling an all-nighter can help your performance, consider this: It can actually reduce your capacity for remembering new facts by 40-percent!

Sandra Bond Chapman, PhD, Founder and Chief Director at the Center for BrainHealth UT Dallas said, "If you don't get enough sleep, and you get in a chronic state of that, you look just like someone that has early-onset Alzheimer's."

The last sleep fact: Doctors believe women need one hour of extra sleep each night compared to men.

Gleich still has disrupted sleep but she's able to fall asleep quicker, thanks to sleep relaxation videos she watches on YouTube.

"I think I sleep well" said Gleich. That is if Alma sleeps well!