KSAT Community spotlight feature: Aid the Silent

Texas-based nonprofit helps deaf and hard-of-hearing children


This month KSAT Community is featuring Aid the Silent for the nonprofit spotlight.


The Texas-based nonprofit helps deaf and hard-of-hearing children and teens receive equal access to opportunity by providing financial assistance to enhance communication methods.


Ursula Pari, a member of the planning committee for the Good Vibrations Music & Arts Festival has been heavily involved with Aid the Silent, since her father and grandfather are deaf.


"They want to make sure that small children not only have access to hearing aids (which are not covered by insurance), but that the kids overcome the stigma of having the device in their ear," Pari said.



How can I get involved with Aid the Silent?

Aid the Silent was created to provide information about living in today's society as a deaf or hard-of-hearing individual, to worship and participate in religious activities and to inspire people to embrace their differences.


"Aid the Silent raises money for hearing aids, interpreters and to have a sign language interpreter in every church," said Pari. "It's very important to Aid the Silent that everybody wants to worship God can, instead of them being in a trapped world."


Good Vibrations Music & Art Festival benefits Aid the Silent


"Aid the Silent also works to bring music to the hard-of-hearing, and that's what the Aid the Silent Good Vibrations Music & Art Festival is about," Pari said. "There will be vibration packs that people can wear and vests that allows the person who can't hear to feel the vibration of the music."

The festival is designed to be completely deaf accessible to all those in the deaf culture, melding individuals with hearing aids and cochlear implants with those who communicate via American Sign Language. 

  • Location: Sunken Garden Theatre
  • Date: Saturday, Sep 29 at 4:00 p.m.
  • Performers: Penny & Sparrow, Emma Faye, Kris Allen, Parachute and Sarah Spivey 
  • Click here to buy tickets

A message from Sarah Spivey

"Hearing aids are expensive...trust me, I know," Spivey said. "And many families can't afford them. Proceeds from the festival go to Aid the Silent, a local organization that offers these families options. Please consider joining us in a night where we are all defined by one thing: a simple love for music, arts, and community. I feel so grateful to be a part of the Good Vibrations Music Festival this year. ​We're going to have so much fun!"

For more information about Aid the Silent, visit aidthesilent.com or call 830-249-1744.

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Information courtesy of Aid the Silent.

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