Local law enforcement agencies begin annual Warrant Roundup

SA Municipal Court has nearly 200,000 outstanding warrants

Local law enforcement agencies in San Antonio and Bexar County began the annual Warrant Roundup week on Monday.

The coordinated operation aims to locate residents who have outstanding municipal court warrants for unpaid traffic and code violations.

Authorities said the municipal court has more than 200,000 active outstanding warrants.

None of the offenders are wanted for violent crimes, but the officers and marshal's at the SAPD substation were warned to stay alert.

"Often times we come across felony warrants in the course of addressing municipal court warrants," said Sergeant Edward Saucedo of the San Antonio Marshal's Office. "Often times we come across weapons, drugs, and other offenses in the course of addressing these warrants."

San Antonio police officers were given a list of addresses, but marshal's will patrol the streets using in-car technology to find who they're looking for.

"All of our units are equipped with automated license plate recognition systems, and what that does is alerts the officer anytime an individual, a vehicle, is associated with active municipal court warrants," Saucedo said.

Deputy Antonio Fernandez patrolled the city's South Side and pulled over several vehicles.

If the driver was not the person with outstanding warrants Fernandez gave them a green card.

"The green card verifies that I let them know that the individual I'm looking for has a warrant," he said. "I'll put their name, and how many warrants they have."

After a few hours on patrol Fernandez took one man with six outstanding warrants into custody.

"He knew he had the warrants. He said he knew it was warrant roundup. He's waiting for his income tax (return) so told him I'm going to help him out and take him in to see the judge," he said.

If you have outstanding municipal court warrants you can call 210-207-2023 for payment information.