Woman warns others of HGTV 'Property Brothers' Facebook scam

Imposter uses Facebook messaging service to get information, money

A San Antonio woman said she was told she won HGTV's "Property Brothers'" Dream it, Win it, Live it sweepstakes, but it was in the form of a Facebook message.

Despite her excitement, Juanita Molinar said there were multiple red flags.

An avid fan of the "Property Brothers" home remodeling show, Molinar said it all started when she became a fan of the "Property Brothers'" Facebook page.

She said she was shocked to get a personal Facebook message from show star Drew Scott asking her about her favorite episode.

"Then he says, 'Have you ever won anything from HGTV?'" Molinar said.

She said Scott also asked who she would tell first if she won.

"I said, 'My sisters who live hours away,'" Molinar said.

Next, Molinar heard the news she just couldn't believe: She was told she had won the "Dream it, Win it, Live it" sweepstakes.

This was followed by Scott asking for her phone number; in a matter of minutes, Molinar went from feeling ecstatic to suspicious.

"He doesn't call me. Instead, he sends me another message saying a verification code will be sent to you from Facebook," Molinar said.

She said he told her, "As soon as you receive the code, provide it to me."

This was followed with questions about where she lives and, in what she called the final red flag, a request for her to make a purchase.

"I respond, 'So where are you going this morning,'" Molinar said.

When she started questioning him, he checked out.

"You really need to be aware," said KSAT crime analyst Eddie Gonzales. "You never know who you're talking to. You could be talking to someone in a coffee shop in the Middle East."     

In a Facebook post, officials from the "Property Brothers" confirmed what Molinar had already figured out: the real Drew Scott was not messaging her.

An imposter had set up a fraudulent Facebook account and was sending out unofficial sweepstakes notices in an attempt to get information and money.

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