Mirasol residents say homes making them sick

SAHA says issues resolved years ago

Mirasol residents say the land their homes are on is toxic and creating an unhealthy environment.

However, the San Antonio Housing Authority said the issues were resolved years ago.

Edna Lopez is tired of feeling sick. She lives in a Mirasol home on the west side.

She blames the materials her home was built with and the land it sits on for her declining health.

"I'm asthmatic, my husband has diabetes," said Lopez.

Lopez was one of a handful of people downtown who attended a peaceful protest organized by the League of United Latin American Citizens.

Ed Ocampo of LULAC wants SAHA to look at the health problems plaguing about 80 residents there.

"They have to go back and retest these people to find out whether or not they have a common denominator, and I'm finding one, that's asthma and pulmonary fibrosis," said Ocampo. 

However, Melanie Villalobos of SAHA said, "The issues that they're bringing up were frankly resolved six or seven years ago." 

Villalobos said LULAC has no new evidence these homes are making residents sick. She said the city's Health Department also investigated.

"His office found there was no tie to any health concerns to the homes they were living in. The environmental tests came back as no evidence of any materials being suggested they were fine, the houses were fine," said Villalobos.

Lopez did receive settlement money, and said she has no plans of moving.