New UT Health Science Center facility features 3-D technology

Academic Learning and Teaching Center houses 33 interactive classrooms

SAN ANTONIO – The new Academic Learning and Teaching Center at the UT Health Science Center is composed of 33 interactive classrooms featuring 3-D technology.

Inside the new Digital Anatomy Lab, students can take a closer look at a patient's data.

"We can virtually rotate the body," said Dr. Omid Rahimi, director of the human anatomy program.

The software, called "Body Viz," is controlled by a Xbox controller. With the 3-D glasses, students can get a fuller understanding of the human body and isolate certain areas that may be harder to see in a cadaver.

"You don't get that kind of opportunity, even when you are in the hospital," medical student Eric Waetjen said.

Waetjen said that the ability to see images in three dimensions is beneficial to students' studies.

The software can simulate a surgery to give students a virtual preview of how a procedure should go.

The new lab is just a small part of the new building, which is giving students a more interactive learning environment.

The facility was built around the idea of increased interaction among students, faculty and technology.

The UT Health Science Center hopes the facility can provide a further understanding of how the human body works.

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