San Antonio mayor heads to Austin for Breakfast Taco Summit

Ivy Taylor to meet with Steve Adler

SAN ANTONIO – Armed with some of the tastiest breakfast tacos San Antonio has to offer, Mayor Ivy Taylor will embark on her journey to the capital Thursday morning for the first-ever Breakfast Taco Summit.

Austin Mayor Steve Adler will await her arrival at the Hilton Austin Downtown, armed with what will surely be inferior taco weaponry.

The meeting of mayors is the culmination of years of back and forth between the two cities over which is the home of the best breakfast taco.

In an effort to put the matter to rest for good and avoid an all-out taco war, Taylor and Adler will sample breakfast tacos from both cities.

"The judge is just me and Mayor Adler. It's just a simple taste test," Taylor said. "We're gonna end the war. No more war."

Representing San Antonio in Thursday's summit will be Mittman Fine Foods on South Mittman Street.

Taylor said she chose the eatery because it's her favorite. She said her husband has frequented Mittman's since high school.

"My favorite there is bacon and egg on handmade corn, but the best sellers are carne guisada, which is what my daughter usually gets, and also chorizo and egg. Those are the best sellers. So I'll be bringing all three of those to Austin," Taylor said.

With the meeting over an hour's drive from the Alamo City, Taylor said she's confident in how the tacos will fare during the journey up I-35.

"No, I'm not worried, because Ms. Benevidez, the proprietor there, she assures me that she's used to packing up tacos. She mails her tacos to New York and other places, and so I'm sure they'll be packed nicely so they can stay hot," Taylor said.

Tacos aside, Taylor said she and Adler have been talking about more serious issues and how the two cities can work together.

"Traffic between the two cities. How can we figure out ways to better connect, to ease, traffic between the two cities might be a topic that we'll discuss," Taylor said. "I'm sure we'll talk about economic development for our region and maybe some other topics, too. But right now we're just starting with tacos."

The eyes, and stomachs, of South Texas will be set squarely on Austin Thursday as the mayors convene at 9 a.m.

There has been no word on what tacos Mayor Adler will bring, but does it really matter?