City helps move residents from mobile home park without water

Joseph Sandolval, owner of Plaza Mobile Home Park, failed to pay bill, city says

SAN ANTONIO – The city of San Antonio is offering to help residents of a mobile home park find a new place to live.

The city said the owner of the Plaza Mobile Home Park Joseph Sandoval has repeatedly failed to pay his water bill forcing SAWS to shut off the water service to his tenants. 

"We pay our rent on time. We pay our water on time but for some (reason) like I paid my water last week on a Wednesday and my water was off Thursday," said tenant Matthew White.

The director of the city's Development Services department Roderick Sanchez says Sandoval owes thousands of dollars and it must all be paid by May 27.

"He still owes SAWS $3,000 at the end of the month where once again they may turn off the water. Where we come into it is if that trailer park the mobile home park does not have any water we're in a situation where we have to vacate it," Sanchez said.

The city says nine of the 11 families at the mobile home park have agreed to accept the city's help in finding a new place to live.

"We're just trying to find a decent place for them to live in their price range and probably some moving assistance as well," Sanchez said.

It's an offer resident Matthew White said he could not pass up.

"I've tried everything you can think of possible to stay here but it's not working out. If it ain't the water it's something," White said.

Sanchez said code-compliance crews will be out at the mobile home park in the coming week to see if living condition are up to standards.