3 kids arrested with connection to elementary school vandalism

Damage estimated to be at least $5,000


CONVERSE, Texas – The Judson Independent School District announced Monday night that three kids have been arrested with connection to vandalism at an elementary school.

When teachers arrived at Spring Meadows Elementary School on Monday morning they found classrooms covered in spray paint, watercolors, honey and flour.

The three juveniles, two male ninth-graders and a female eighth-grader have been arrested by Judson ISD police.

District spokesman Steve Linscomb said all three kids admitted to the crime.

District officials are now looking into making changes in security. It was the second time vandals had struck at the school this year.

"We're going to be making some adjustments in terms of security of not only what our police department does, but also the facilities as well," Linscomb said Monday morning.

The vandals in the first incident were arrested and prosecuted, Linscomb said.

The three kids are facing a criminal mischief charge.

The district estimates there is at least $5,000 in damage, but that is not including cleanup.