Germans asking world: ‘Trump or Clinton?'

Unscientific poll gauging popularity of presidential candidates abroad


SAN ANTONIO – Opinion polls run rampant during this stage of the presidential campaign. One day, Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton is ahead. The next, Republican counterpart Donald Trump has the lead.

But what about U.S. politics as seen from a global perspective?

That’s what the German weekly Zeit Online is asking.

The outlet is polling its global readership to see which of the two U.S. candidates has more favorability among people in other countries. The poll is available in multiple languages, including French, English, Chinese, Portuguese and Russian.

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“We are mainly interested whether we can recognize different preferences for one or the other candidate in several countries,” the article said in a translated version from its original German. “We carry out the survey not only by Zeit Online, but would like to ask to share this survey (with) all users. Ideally, we could draw a worldwide opinion.”

Below is the poll Zeit Online is conducting. Click here for a link to the poll.

NPR spoke with Jochen Wegner, Zeit Online’s editor-in-chief. He said of the more than 100,000 votes so far, 30 percent of voters in this poll favor Trump.

“If you look at the other countries, you see, for example, that (in) the Russian Federation or Poland or Hungary you have really high percentages of voters favoring Trump,” Wegner told Morning Edition. “So for example, I think Russia has something about 70 percent for Trump at the moment.”

Like vote-rigging claims in the U.S., the online site reported tampering within its system. That prompted Zeit Online to add an advanced filter to the poll. Voting in the poll will be available until a few days before the election.

As of now, Clinton holds a solid lead over Trump among worldwide poll participants, about 75 percent to 25 percent.