Texas couple bikes through Southwest to raise awareness about water

Learn about and promote water awareness

SAN ANTONIO – "We've been through Utah and now we are in Arizona,” said Sarah Houston.

Houston and her husband, Patrick, have traveled thousands of miles through the American Southwest on bike. The two left successful jobs in Austin and decided to explore the country on two wheels.

"I had a cubicle job with the state of Texas," explained Patrick.

On Sept. 2 of this year, the two left behind salaries and a comfortable place to sleep, loaded up their bikes and never looked back.

"It’s a really inexpensive way to travel because we camp on the side of roads and in campgrounds,” said Sarah.

The newlyweds got the idea to ride from their Austin neighbors.

"Once the idea was planted and logistics worked out -- we were all in,” said Patrick.

The Houstons also had a purpose: a want to learn about and promote water awareness.

"Our message is trying to highlight the fact that even though we have these water resources, they still need to be conserved,” said Patrick.

So far, they've traveled over a 1000 miles, through five states. On ride days, the couple bikes somewhere between 40 and 70 miles.

"[We see] pipeline systems, the irrigation systems, the green lawns in the middle of the desert,” said Sarah.

All sights that are intriguing to them and they hope others.  They are blogging about their experience along the way.

One of the most memorable stops, according to the couple, came in New Mexico while pedaling across the Apache Nation.

"We were actually taken in by the chief of the Apache Nation and we got to hear his water thoughts,” recalled Patrick.

The experience added to the already memorable trek that the Houstons said will continue indefinitely.

To learn more about their water adventures you can visit their blog Wander Like Water.

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