Supporters of ridesharing hold rally to keep service in San Antonio

City Council set to vote ordinance on Dec. 8

SAN ANTONIO – It's a last minute push to keep rideshare services in San Antonio.

On Tuesday afternoon, supporters of services such as Uber and Lyft rallied near the Pearl, hoping to get the attention of city leaders.

About a year ago rideshare returned to San Antonio as a pilot program.

City Council is set to vote on Dec. 8 on whether they will extend that current pilot program operating agreement that allows rideshare companies such as Uber and Lyft to operate in the Alamo City.

Groups in favor of rideshare, including Tech Bloc and Mothers Against Drunk Driving said they are working to keep that pilot program in San Antonio.

"What we really want to accomplish with this rally is to let City Council know that we care about ride share," said Magaly Chocano, who is rallying to keep rideshare. "That we do want to have it permanently in this city and that it is really important for us to have access to a lot of types of transportation."

According to Tech Bloc, under the current pilot program, there hasn't been any safety incidents involving Uber and Lyft and there has been a significant decrease in DWI arrests.

KSAT also reached to Yellow Cab.

The group has been opposed to rideshare in the past, but as of Tuesday afternoon, they did not have a response.

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