'Vision Zero' updates city leaders on its progress

New campaign to 'Don't Block the Box' began this year

SAN ANTONIO – The city got an update on Vision Zero Wednesday, a program designed to achieve "zero" pedestrian fatalities on the roadways.

During a presentation, Transportation and Capital Improvement Assistant Director Art Reinhardt said the numbers of pedestrian fatalities over the last few years have increased in San Antonio, but that it is also part of a national trend.

He said getting to "zero" will take some time.

"Through council, we've been funded to do more projects, more outreach," Reinhardt said. "I think the key part is partnering with the community. As a city, we can do some physical things to our streets, but we also need the community to watch out for one another, driving, to try to use the marked crosswalks, instead of darting out at the crossing."

Part of Vision Zero's action plan to achieve "zero" deaths on the road includes the "Don't Block the Box Campaign," which kicked off a few weeks ago.

Kim Davila, whose son was hit at a crosswalk on Valley Hi Drive in September said she's glad the city is raising awareness about the issue.

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Her son, Kyle, has almost made a full recovery. She said his facial fractures have all healed but the fracture to his skull is still there.

"That was going to take a little longer to heal," Davila said. "But he's at work. He's driving again and so we're very thankful and blessed for that."

Davila said the increase in pedestrian fatalities, although scary, is not surprising because she said people are just driving too fast.

"Everybody is in a hurry to go somewhere, and we have so many distractions in the car," said Davila. "There are phones and things like that. It just takes a split second for somebody not paying attention and for somebody to get hit."

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