Dozens of dogs taken to Idaho for better chance to find forever homes

SAN ANTONIO – Dozens of dogs in San Antonio were flown north to find their forever homes. More than 60 dogs boarded a flight to Idaho on Friday.

The trip is part of a transportation program sponsored by San Antonio Pets Alive!, or SAPA, and the nonprofit organization My Dog is My Co-pilot.

Friday was the dog’s first air transport.

“We send them over there because Idaho, unlike San Antonio, they don’t have a pet overpopulation problem, so they have waiting lists for the animals that we send to them,” said Gabby Uresti, veterinary clinic manager at SAPA. “People are just waiting to adopt animals from the shelter.”

The program started in 2015 as a monthly way to ship animals to cities where they would have a better chance at adoption.

Last year, the program was able to save the lives of more than 500 dogs slated for euthanasia in San Antonio.