Group still fighting to change name of Enrique Barrera Parkway

Save Old Highway 90 Alliance holds fundraising event Saturday

SAN ANTONIO – The Save Old Highway 90 Alliance wants people to know it has not given up its fight to have Enrique Barrera Parkway's name changed back to Old Highway 90.

The alliance feels hopeful with a new City Council and mayor.

The group had a fundraising and petition-signing event Saturday at Del Bravo Record Shop.

Some West Side residents and business owners said they have been fighting for this cause since before the name change in 2015. They believe the name change has caused confusion and say the old name was sentimental and meant a lot to West Side culture.

“We need to get this name back for the community, for the business community and for all our elders. It's cultural heritage. That's what it's all about. How do you erase that? Who erases history?” said Michael Cooremans, with the Save Old Highway 90 Alliance.

The group said it’s not going anywhere and will continue fighting until the name is changed back to Old Highway 90.