Social media is obsessed with UTSA student who had stranger's back in cheating scandal mishap

Mistaken identity leads to now-viral Twitter exchange

Twitter photos
Twitter photos

SAN ANTONIO – UTSA sophomore Rebekah Pendley is getting lots of props from the Twitterverse after she got a fellow student’s back, even though the two had never met.

Pendley follows Jasmine Rios on Twitter. Both are Roadrunners, but the two had never met.

Though she only recognized him through photos on Twitter, Pendley thought she saw Rios’s boyfriend at the John Peace Library last Tuesday with another girl.

Pendley decided to message Rios on Twitter and the exchange quickly went viral.

“Hey girl, I know we don’t know each other, just been mutuals on twitter for a little bit… But I recognize who I think is your boyfriend in the library,” a part of Pendle’s message to Rios said. “I really didn’t know if I should message you… I feel really bad but I just thought it’d be wrong to witness it and not say anything, you know?”

She ended the message saying, “tell me if you want me to fight him I’ll be here a while.”


Thankfully, the scenario played out as best as it possibly could, because the guy in the picture is actually not Rios’s boyfriend, but Pendley wasn’t far off. 

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“Omg thank you for telling me girl but that’s not my boyfriend! He has an identical twin brother. That’s his brother in the picture and his girlfriend,” Rios said in a return message.

The conversation continues and ends on a funny note, with Pendley ready to have a stranger’s back, no questions asked.

Check out the exchange in the tweet below:

Girl code for the win.

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