14-year-old West Side shooting victim dies; arrest documents shed new light

Angel Gebara, 14, was killed by a stray bullet, medical examiner says

SAN ANTONIOUPDATE: The Bexar County Medical Examiner's Office has confirmed that a 14-year-old boy shot by a stray bullet on the city's West Side has died.

Angel Gebara, 14, was shot in the head late Friday while at his home in the 200 block of Saint Christopher Walk.

Police said after processing the scene and taking witness statements they determined that there were, in fact, three shooters, each of which having pulled their own trigger at some point after an unknown man allegedly made threatening gestures toward them. 

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A man driving in the area also was grazed by a stray bullet but is expected to recover. 

San Antonio Police on Saturday arrested the three men in connection with the shooting. There is no word on what new charges they now face. You can read more on their arrests below.


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Three men were arrested Saturday in connection with the fatal shooting of a 14-year-old on the West Side. An arrest affidavit listed new details about the house from which SWAT members pulled the men and what they found inside.

READ MORE: Police nab 3 in West Side shooting that left 14-year-old fighting for life

The documents show that a lot of what police are finding in the investigation is consistent with what the suspects have told them in interviews.

Richard Montez, Juan Martinez and Andres Martinez were all arrested and charged with aggravated assault for the shooting that killed 14-year-old Angel Gebara and left at least 46 empty shell casings at the scene.

Angel’s house is on St. Christopher Walk. After the shooting, SWAT officers were called to a home around the corner to Angela Walk. Arrest documents say all three suspects have the same house listed as their home address. They also show the registered tenant of the home is Andres Martinez’s family member.

After a lengthy standoff that extended into Saturday morning, SWAT members forced their way into the home on Angela Walk, where they found all three men.


During Juan Martinez’s interview, he admitted to shooting a handgun and said Montez did, too. Montez admitted to shooting at a man he said made threatening gestures at him, police said.

Documents show Montez described the two guns he was using, both of which were found in the Angela Walk home when he was arrested.

Montez then told police Juan and Andres Martinez were also shooting guns. He went into detail, saying Andres Martinez had two guns in each hand and was shooting with both, arrest documents said.

The arrest documents said Andres Martinez told police the other two men were the only ones shooting. He said he had two guns but didn’t fire either of them. He told investigators those guns were hidden in the Angela Walk home, and police found them there, authorities said.

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