Crystal City HS students stage walkout; principal placed on administrative leave

Students shouted 'we believe the girl'

Courtesty:  Phylicia Ann Martinez
Courtesty: Phylicia Ann Martinez

CRYSTAL CITY, Texas – The principal of Crystal City High School has been placed on administrative leave as authorities investigate a complaint lodged against the principal.

Crystal City Independent School District Superintendent Imelda A. Salinas said the Crystal City Police Department, along with the human resources department at Crystal City ISD, is investigating the complaint.

Salinas said the principal was gone when the allegations first arose and that police had started their interviews with adults and students, but the principal returned to campus the following week. Salinas said he is out again and will not return until the investigation is completed.

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Salinas was unable to say how many complaints had been made against the principal and said Tuesday she could not comment further on the ongoing investigation.

Students at the high school led a walk out on Tuesday while shouting "we believe the girl." Salinas said students would not be punished for the walkout.

The district released the following statement on Monday: 

"Recently, there have been a number of inaccurate posts appearing on social media sites about a situation involving a campus administrator. Despite what others are saying or writing, the District is conducting a thorough investigation into the concerns raised by a student, which began shortly after those concerns were brought to my attention. The investigation remains ongoing, and the appropriate authorities have been notified of the allegations involved in the matter. Depending upon the outcome of the investigation, the District will take appropriate action if and as needed. As the Superintendent of this District, I am fully committed to seeing that all District policies are followed, especially those involving the safety and well-being of the students. If anyone employed by this District is found to have done anything that violates those policies or is in any way unprofessional or inappropriate with students, that employee will be appropriately disciplined, no matter who they are or what my personal relationship may be with them. For anyone to say that this situation is being swept under the rug, or that nothing will be done, they are speaking without any awareness of the facts or the professionalism of those who have been assigned to investigate the concerns raised by the student. There is an ongoing investigation, it will be completed, and appropriate action will be taken. That is the simple truth."