UTSA students spend spring break volunteering at children's shelter

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SAN ANTONIO – A group of students from the University of Texas at San Antonio are spending their spring break volunteering at the San Antonio Children's Shelter.

The students are playing games and spending time with the children.

"They want to get that attention, that one-on-one time that they just don't get," said Bobby Gonzales, graduate assistant for Volunteer Services at UTSA.

Anais Biera Miracle, chief public relations officer of the San Antonio Children's Shelter, said last fiscal year, the shelter helped more than 4,000 families. Even though they have only 200 employees, the volunteers are essential to the mission of the organization.

“When you have volunteers who are coming in and building emotional connection, social connection, built trust, friendships, mentorships, you have an opportunity where you are actually starting to heal trauma," Miracle said.

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