Residents concerned city trimming bird population at Brackenridge Park

City says groundskeepers watch for birds when maintaining trees

SAN ANTONIO – Every spring, birds migrate to Brackenridge Park to nest in its trees, but some residents are concerned the city is forcing the birds out of their homes when performing maintenance.

The park is known for its unique dynamic of birds that migrate during the springtime.

“When they are in the park, they do have significant presence. Their droppings do impact the walkways and the quality of San Antonio River itself,” said Homer Garcia, assistant director of San Antonio Parks and Recreation.

Garcia said tree pruning is part of the city’s tree trimming maintenance plan, which creates a balance between the health of the urban canopy in the park and the migratory birds.

The city said workers watch out for birds when maintaining the trees. But some residents think the maintenance has an effect on the bird population.

“It used to be a lot, but it is not that much anymore,” parkgoer Miranda Rodriguez said about the birds.

One parkgoer said he understands the purpose of tree maintenance but hopes the city is being careful.

“If I had the opportunity, I would give them my thoughts as far as not scaring them away because this is their home. And this is what makes it fine out here, the birds and the ducks,” Jose Martinez said.

“Our maintenance efforts are not in any way endangering the birds and respectful for when they return,” Garcia said.

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